Leaf Cleanup

A leaf cleanup prevents lawn suffocation!!!



wichita leaf cleanupl, walkerPicking up leaves can be the most strenuous work you will ever do….or not do. Let Progressive Lawn Care do that work for you. We have invested thousands of dollars to make this job about as easy as it can be. First, we use high power leaf blowers to blow out all leaves in landscape beds, away from the fence, house, behind bushes and other obstacles. Then we run them over with a mulching mower to reduce them down. We then will run them over with our collecting mower and dump them near the street in a huge pile. After all leaves are piled up, we use a huge vacuum that will suck them up and put them in the truck. The the last step is a final cleanup with the backpack blower and collecting mower and we are done. We provide and charge this service at an hourly rate, but we will still give an estimate. wichita leaf cleanup, before and afterBecause we are on an hourly rate, we work fast, efficient and you will never see us take a break other than maybe an occasional drink of water. About 80% of the time, the actual charge is less than the estimate we give. If you are looking for a complete and thorough job at picking up your leaves, do yourself a favor and make that call, 243.LAWN and let Progressive Lawn Care do your leaf removal.