Lawn Scalping



When you want a lawn scalping done right, call us, we’re the best in Wichita. Most people that know what scalping is, know that it’s one of the nastiest and dirtiest jobs you will ever do. For those that are not familiar with lawn scalping, it’s the process of cutting warm season grass, like bermuda and zoysia, very short. Once all the dead dormant grass has been removed, this will allow the ground to warm more quickly resulting in a greener lawn sooner. Scalping also allows water and fertilizer to reach the ground instantly. We usually cut our grass right around 1.5″, but a few lawns are cut at 1″. This is usually done right around the middle of March. The grass MUST be dormant and dry when scalping or we will have too much problems clogging the mower. Once the grass has been scalped completely and piled into large piles, we will suck it up with a debris loader (vacuum).


lawn scalpinglawn scalping 2

Because we are extremely efficient in the method of removing all this grass, we can haul more and in less time than the competition. This means a tremendous savings for you. On average, scalping cost between $135-$180, sometimes less and sometimes more. These are average figures and you should call or request on online estimate. If Wichita lawn care is what you are looking for, call Progressive Lawn Care today.


The piles of grass below shows you exactly how much grass we actually do take off your lawn.

Lawn Scalping wicita ksLawn Scalping Wichita Ks