Lawn Dethatching

Dethatching your lawn lets it breath again!!!


wichita dethatching, machineDethatching allows better penetration of water and nutrients. What exactly is thatch? Thatch is a buildup of dead grass and matter that can choke out your lawn. The dead matter can consist dead grass clippings (another reason we collect grass clippings when we mow) and stems, tree leaves and just about anything that is dead and organic. A thin layer of thatch is normal and actually beneficial for your lawn. A thin layer of thatch acts as a mulch and helps preserve moisture in the ground. But, too much thatch can strangle your lawn, cutting off water, air and nutrients. With a power rack, we can pull a lot of that thatch to the surface and then pick it up with a mower. After being picked up with the mower it is loaded in the truck and hauled off. Another way of controlling thatch a small amount of thatch is to have an aeration. After an aeration, plugs of dirt lay on wichita dethatching, illustrationtop of the thatch layer. Micro-oganisms are then released in the aid to breakdown the thatch. After power raking your lawn, we attach a front tine rake to our mower and and go over the entire lawn.Whether you need and aeration or power raking, Progressive Lawn Care has you covered if you’re in the Wichita, KS area.