Lawn Aerating

What is Lawn Aerating? Lawn aerating is the process pulling cores of soil from the ground and leaving them on top. Aeration can be done with either a mechanical or manual device. Obviously a mechanical device is much more efficient and easier to use. Wichita has many rental stores that will rent you a lawn aerator, but we can save you time and hassle. For the cost you would pay to rent the machine, we can do it for you and you don’t have to pickup and take back the machine to the rental yard. We are the clear cut choice for all of you Wichita lawn care.

Why Aerate? Aeration is the single best service you can provide for your lawn. Aeration has it’s benefits:

  • Relieves Compaction. Overtime, lawns become compact¬†by their own weight, not to mention high traffic area that are walked on and played on with children. By pulling cores out, this give roots the space they need to stretch out giving you a healthier lawn.wichita lawn aerating, machine
  • Increases oxygen flow to the root zone. Believe it or not, your grass roots need oxygen to survive, just like you and I. By relieving compaction and pulling plugs we can get oxygen to the roots just as they need.
  • Improves the intake of fertilizer.If your lawn is on a fertilizer program, then it’s very beneficial to fertilize soon after aeration. With the plugs pulled, fertilizer has a chance to get right where the grass roots are located.
  • Improves watering conditions. Just as water will runs off a rock, so do it off a hard, compact clay soil. Aeration helps break up the soil letting water get down to the grass roots where they belong.
  • Reduces thatch buildup. If you have any thatch buildup of dead grass and other debris, aeration can help reduce this down. Micro-organisms are found in soil, by placing the plugs of soil on top of the ground, these micro-organisms help start the decomposition process needed to break down this thatch layer.

wichita lawn aerating, illustrationDon’t be fooled my these lawn spike that others use. Spikes only compact the soil further and will look like it’s helping, but it’s really not. Another great tip is water the lawn the night before the aeration is done. This will allow the aerating spoons to dig deeper into the ground and get down to where the grass roots are located.

When should a Wichita lawn care service provider perform this work? Well, it depends on the type of grass you have. If you have fescue, you should aerate in either the spring or fall. You can aerate in the summer, but it’s not recommended because of the heat stress you lawn is already going through. With warm season grass, you should aerate between mid-May to mid-June. At this time, the grass is actively growing and will recover well from the initial shock that happens at the time of aeration. Don’t forget to check our aerate & overseed page. We have a great, proven method for over-seeding that fescue lawn. So, if you’re looking for aerating service in the Wichita area, go with a winner, go with Progressive Lawn Care.