Lawn Aerate & Overseed

Fall Is The Best Time To Overseed


Although Fall is the best time to overseed, it can have success in the Spring as well. Is you lawn looking a little this….bare? An over-seeding might just be what your lawn is looking for. We have an excellent method for aerating and over-seeding your fescue lawn. We use only the best seed, Garden Wise Fescue Blend. wichita overseed, before and afterWe can also put down whatever seed you purchase yourself. With a lawn aerate and over-seed, you really get the best of both worlds. The aeration process not only is beneficial to your existing lawn, but also prepares the lawn with a seed bed for your new grass seed.


Fall is the best time for aeration and over-seeding, although you can do it in the spring also. Believe it or not, your fescue lawn continues to grow through winter. The wichita overseed, illustrationtop growth may not grow, but the roots keep growing. By over-seeding in the fall, the new seeds have more time to get established before the summer heat comes.