Q. Do you mow weekly and bi-weekly lawn?

A. Yes, we can either mow your lawn weekly or bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). We prefer to mow on a weekly basis so that your lawn does no go through too much stress. Keep in mind, if your lawn is put on a weekly service plan, it’s possible that we will take it to bi-weekly due to lack of growth.


Q. Do you collect grass on all the lawns you cut?

A. No, lawns over 20,000 square feet will not be collected unless requested. Gated backyards with a gate smaller than 50″ cannot be collected and some bi-weekly accounts cannot be collected due to excessive growth.


Q. When do you start mowing lawns.

A. We start mowing fescue lawns the first week of April. Warm season lawns, like bermuda and zoysia, are generally started the third or forth week of April.


Q. How does your billing work?

A. For reoccurring bills like mowing, we typically have an extension of credit for 30 days whereas we mail you an invoice and expect payment due upon receipt. If other services are preformed and you are on our mowing schedule, they will be included on the same bill as mowing, at the end of the month.

If you use our weed control & fertilizer program, you will be billed the following day after services were completed and payment due upon receipt.

If you use any of out one-time services, usually we will bring along the invoice and would prefer payment immediately after services are rendered.

We are currently looking into emailing invoices and setting up online payments via credit/debit card and pay-pal. One-time services would be able to pay via credit card on the spot.


Q. When do you scalp lawns?

A. We usually start right around the second week in March.  We like to be completely done with scalping by April 1st. The main reason for this is because our truck is outfitted with special equipment for scalping and all the special equipment cannot be on the truck when we start our mowing season.


Q. When do you typically aerate lawns?

A. We usually aerate fescue lawns in the spring when the grass is growing well and likewise in the fall. We don’t like to aerate fescue when it’s hot because of the summer stress.

Warm season grass like bermuda and zoysia are aerated from mid-May to mid-July.


Q. Are you Licensed and Insured?

A. Yes, our pesticide license is KBL 5250 and we carry commercial auto, equipment and general liability insurance.