About Us

First off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Matt Uhrich and I am the owner and only operator of Progressive Lawn Care.

When you call the business line and ask for an estimate, it will be me on the phone. When a gentleman comes out to give you an estimate for your lawn maintenance, you will be speaking with me. After you have accepted the estimate and the gentleman that shows up to preform the work will be me. I guess I should call this the “About Me” page…lol.

I worked for a prominent landscape company for 4 years and a well-known local garden center for 1 year before accepting a position working for the local Coleman Company. I worked 3rd shift for Coleman for 8 years before starting my lawn & landscape business in 1999. I married my beautiful wife in 2004. I left Coleman in the spring of 2006 to go full-time with my passion, my business. We had our first son in the summer of 2008 and currently have two more on the way…yes, we’re having twins!! The twins are due around the middle of May 2011, but might come as much as  a month early.

By nature, I am a very professional person. Sometimes being professional is not always the least expensive way of doing things, but it is the correct way. I use nothing but the finest built lawn care equipment. Most lawns that are 20,000 square feet or less will have the grass clippings collected. All grass clippings that are collected are 100% recycled.

I use one of the best scheduling & invoicing programs on the market. The invoice you receive will be correct and easy to read.

Myself will be dressed in clean kahki colored pants and matching shirt.

I thank you for your time and hope we can do business together.

Matt Uhrich